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Cheyenne Hood Cleaning Services

We are “the” hood cleaning & pressure washing experts in Cheyenne and Southeastern Wyoming!
When they don’t show we will!
What We Do
We provide expert hood cleaning services and high/low pressure washing for homes, restauraunts, and commercial businesses in Cheyenne and Southeastern Wyoming. We clean in accordance with NFPA standards.
Our services include:

  • Free estimates
  • Reasonable rates
  • Hood Cleaning
  • High/Low Pressure Washing
  • Wrapping of each hood for water containment
  • Either remove or tarp existing equipment
  • Remove & high pressure wash filters
  • High pressure wash interior hood & all accessible shafts
  • High pressure wash fan to include blades/bowl on roof & accessible portions of shaft
  • Pressure wash roof for removal of excess grease

Call Us Today!
This number goes directly to our cell phone. If we don’t answer we are either giving an estimate or in a meeting – leave a message & we will get back to you within 2 hours!
Text, Call or Email we will answer!
Text: 307-214-3340
Call: 307-635-3273
We offer high & low pressure washing services
We can clean –

  • Restaurant Hoods
  • Cement
  • Vehicles
  • Equipment
  • Houses
  • Decks
  • Buildings

If it’s dirty we can clean it!
We provide hood cleaning services to the smallest restaurant with a few employees to the major chains.
We understand that every dollar counts & we price hoods accordingly.
Every restaurant has “that” story of the hood cleaners that didn’t show or left the store a mess. We are not that company. We will partner with you to get your hood back on track and in compliance with NFPA standards.
We show up and we clean up!
Low Pressure Washing
We have the ability to adjust our outgoing pressure to meet the needs of the job at hand.
High Pressure Washing
A typical example of our high pressure washing would be at gas stations & truck stops that have heavily soiled cement. We also pressure wash trucks, and equipment. We have the ability use heat & high pressure combination for great results.

We call ourselves hood rats. Our environment is dark, greasy, and usually at an hour when everyone else is sleeping. Our trucks and trailers bare the brunt of what we do. We move quietly in the night & arrive home before the sun comes up, covered in grease and smelling like french fries. We like what we do and wouldn’t have it any other way. Cosmetically we’re not pretty, but at the heart of our operation is the best equipment. We are the best home and commercial power washers in Cheyenne, period. Our strong maintenance team keeps our trailers running efficiently and able to fire up on a moment’s notice. So if you see us walking around town covered in grease and looking like we are tired – just smile and say hi! You’ve just met a hood rat!!
We take our job seriously and understand how our role helps the restaurant to operate efficiently day to day.
We believe our business survives because of the strong partnerships we have created with our clients.
We work closely with each one to ensure a strong relationship. Meeting your expectations, in hood cleaning and pressure washing is our goal. There are many variables and every business is set up differently with pros & cons to cleaning. The logistics for some are very simple and others are more elaborate.
Our commitment to you is that you always get our best.
We can hood clean in most any weather and in most any temperature!
Our promise to you is that you will have advance notice and always be rescheduled in a reasonable amount of time.
In Cheyenne, we have the best power washers/ equipment on the market and have invented techniques that help us clean where no one else can.

Have you been to the school of hard knocks?

When we started our company we had no knowledge of hood cleaning and all it entailed. My very first hood was an Arby’s restaurant that took me 6 hours to clean. Today that same restaurant takes a crew of 2 and they complete it in an hour and 15 minutes.
We quickly realized we needed better equipment and that we provide our services in exteme conditions.
Most hood cleaning schools around the country are in warm climates. This does little to prepare you to clean a hood in sub zero conditions and all the troubles it brings in extreme temps of colder climate states. Through this we determined exactly what we need to get the job done quickly and efficiently increasing our bottom line.
Our business model is different than most. Through trial and error we have been able to protect our equipment in the harshest of environments with out the fear of freeze up.
You will put alot of money into your equipment. We can teach you how to protect it, which will give you the edge in your city.
Why choose us?
Most schools have a heavy front load of theory and book work.
Our front load is hood cleaning.
Our class room environment consists of training NFPA standards including equipment & trailer safety.
We will teach you-
What equipment to buy based on your budget & show you how to dominate every hood you walk into.
Most hood cleaning schools have a mock set up, ours is a real full time operating hood system. Most schools will show you how to clean an already pristine system. Where wrapping is easy and equipment is not a factor. We will take you and show you the most complicated systems and teach you how to do it efficiently.
The deal breaker -water containment
This is easy on a pristine system because it takes a small amount of water to complete cleaning. We will show you how to contain and stay ahead of the water flow, on hoods that require a 3 hour spray time which means over 600 gallons of water to go everywhere.
This is the most critical piece of hood cleaning. If you are not properly set up to deal with the water flow that “will” happen, your 2 hours job can turn into 5 with multiple complaints from the restaurant employees & owners.This is the #1 issue with most hood cleaners. And the reason we excel and take more business every year.
We will show you our techniques and give you the edge that we never had.
Good luck! Not all chemicals are created equally. We found this out the hard way. All caustic is not equal. And no – pure water & dawn dish soap will not do the trick.
Our products are from a major manufacturer that you too can access at a reasonable price, that are chemically engineered for restaurant grease removal. And when used properly with our techniques reduces spray time often by 2/3’s which increases the life of your equipment and the amount of water you must contain.
Hood Cleaning School coming soon!
Interested in starting your own business? We will be offering a training school soon.
Basic Price – $2500
Includes review & training of the NFPA standards.
Hands on training 3 nights of hood cleaning
1 day of classroom instruction
Our training schedule is based on our hood cleaning schedule.
Give us a call or email –